The Score Inaugural Edition!

A.-Toni-Lewis-1Welcome to the inaugural edition of our newsletter The Score, where we will share some of the ‘happenings at FAME’ on a quarterly basis.  In this edition, we are pleased to launch FAME’s new logo that strongly reflects our commitment to education and music success for our students.

As we celebrate our 14th Anniversary and begin our 15th year of service, the future of FAME – much like the futures of the young people we serve – is bright.

In fulfilling our mission and vision to deliver superior educational and artistic opportunities for middle and high school students, in the Greater Washington Region, we are bridging social and economic gaps to deliver a transformative message to more young people: We see your potential and we will help you achieve your dreams.

FAME does this by meeting the students’ determination and commitment with award-winning programming and learning-rich experiences that support their journey to high school graduation followed by college or professional training, and ultimately, a sustaining job and a rewarding career. We accomplish this through the FAME Jazz Band Program, in-school and afterschool programs, support to teachers, summer music enrichment programs, community outreach, and more.

To fully grasp and meet the needs of a community that is so rich in the arts and potential, FAME partners with:

• Educators

• Artists from every genre

• Universities

• Corporations

• Community leaders

• Government officials, and

• Parents

We are grateful to our program managers and instructors, our partners and sponsors, and every individual who has donated or given the gift of their time and presence.

When you read the stories of the FAME Jazz Band Program, you will see the difference we are making, together.

If you are already part of the FAME family, Thank You. We look forward to your continued support. If you are new to FAME, we invite you to get to know us through the stories of our students … and we hope you are moved to support us in whatever way you can.

Sincerely, A. Toni Lewis

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