Beats Books & Hooks Summer Program

Enjoy a unique summer music and education program that strengthens academic performance using music as a basis for engagement. This program is designed for students entering grades 8 through 12. Students will have the opportunity to:

PROGRAM DATES – Wise High School
Week 1 – June 19-23, 2018
Week 2 – June 26- 30, 2018

• Explore cutting edge recording software, i.e. Pro Tools, Sibelius & Garage Band

• Enjoy a Songwriter’s workshop conducted by a Grammy nominated National Recording Artist

• Participate in master classes, lecture, and demonstrations

• Develop proficiency in computer technology

• Produce finished CD and MP3 files to share digitally and publish online

• Be introduced to Financial Literacy

• Prepare a college portfolio

• Participate in a mock music audition

• Learn proper use of social media and other online tools, and Much More!


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A teacher nomination form is required for each applicant.

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