Summer Music Technology

FAME Summer Music Technology Program

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Instructor Contact Info

Mr. Mike Maddox –

Mr. Bill Evans –

Ms. Toni Lewis –

Camp-Related Websites – FAME Summer Music Technology homepage

Project Ideas and assignments – list of suggested projects for 2012 camp

Student Projects 2012 – Links to SoundCloud sites for each student.

Student Projects 2011 – Camp audio files from Summer 2011 – Foundation for the Advancement of Music and Education – Camp videos, plus lots of music-tech related stuff in Mr. M’s favorites – Mr. M’s website

Software To Try Or Buy (Free Demos Available)

Sibelius – Music Notation

Garage Band – free on every Mac

Mixcraft 6 – Garage Band for PCs ($75)

Ableton Live – DJ Mixing / Live Performance. Use with Novation Launchpad controller

ProTools – Professional recording studio software – multiple versions at different price points

Hardware To Try Or Buy

M-Audio Vocal Studio – ProTools SE w/ USB Mic
M-Audio Recording Studio – ProTools SE w/ FastTrack Audio Interface

MIDI Controllers:
M-Audio Axiom 49 or Axiom Pro 25
M-Audio Oxygen 49 or Oxygen 25
Akai MPD26 pad controller (for drums/beats)

Shure SM-58 for male vocals – studio or live performance
Shure SM-57 for female vocals & acoustic instruments – studio or live performance
MXL 990 condenser mic w/ shock-mount – for vocals – studio only
Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser mic – for vocals – studio only

Useful Links – Blank Sheet Music – Free web-based notation software – Free Music Hosting – Free Music Hosting – Indie Music Publishing  ($40 to publish an entire album) – Search the web for audio samples – Downloadable SFX and loops – MIDI search – MIDI search – Classical music archives – Choral Public Domain library. Sheet Music & MIDI available.

Subpages (1): Student Projects 2012


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