FAME Summer Music Programs

FAME’s music camps are designed to prepare rising 8th through 12th graders for successful futures by fostering the development of proficiency in computer technology, increased proficiency in music, critical thinking skills, and academic enrichment.  There are four one-week sessions conducted on the campuses of, and in partnership with, the University of Maryland College Park School of Music, and Bowie State University Department of Fine and Performing Arts.  All participants will learn the basics of music production software and hardware found in professional recording studios around the world.   The industry standard software includes ProTools, Digital Performer, Reason, Sibelius and Garage Band. The small class size allows students ample one on one time to address individual needs and cater to students’ interests and specializations. The program is delivered in fully equipped training rooms with state of the art workstations and in recording studios. Each day includes training on specific software, hardware, and skills, as well as open composition time, in which students put their new knowledge to use via creative projects.

Students receive information on building a college portfolio, study skills, teambuilding and written and verbal skills. The training transcends beyond occupations, helping them gain skills for advanced placement in schools and employment, as well as inspiring them to achieve.

At the end of the week participants will excel in musical technique and gain new skills that increase functional knowledge of the language and grammar of music. The camps culminate with a showcase of the students’ creative projects, and discussion with some of the area’s top music studio engineers, executives or recording artists on career and employment opportunities in music and music technology, and basic legal aspects of the industry.  Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program that they can present to schools for placement and employers for internships.


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