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All sessions are held Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Full tuition must be paid in full by May 6, 2017.

Early Bird Registration – before March 10 (After March 10, fees increase $50 for each registration):

To reserve your space via mail, click here for a downloadable application.


Enjoy a unique summer music program with a community of other young musicians

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Select which Residence applies:




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If you answered yes, above please complete the “Financial Aid Request Form” and return it with your application.






  1. I authorize FAME, when I cannot be reached, to take my child to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, at my expense, and the hospital has my authorization to provide treatment that a physician deems necessary for the well-being of my child.
  2. I give permission for my child to be taken on field trips, off the Campus supervised by staff, whether by foot, metro, van or bus. I hereby release and hold harmless the school, its agents and employees, from all claims, damages or other liabilities for injuries to the student that are not the result of gross negligence by the school, its agents or employees.
  3. I hereby authorize and give full consent to St. Andrews to publish and copyright all photographs in which my child appears while enrolled as a summer student. I agree that FAME may use photographs, videos, written extractions, and voice recordings of my child for the purpose of illustrations, publications and websites.
  4. I hereby approve the foregoing and affirm that I have the legal right to issue such consent.


Financial Assistance

FAME is pleased to offer Financial Assistance to those who qualify.

Eligibility is determined by the Federal Financial Income Guidelines for Free and Reduced School Lunch. Those who qualify may attend tuition free or receive a 50% discount per class, depending on scholarship availability.  In order to be considered for financial assistance, you must send us current documentation that your child receives free or reduced lunch at their school. You may request this letter from your student’s school.  Documentation must be submitted before the application closing date.

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