Founded in 2004, FAME’s mission is to give every young musician the best opportunity to succeed in life by providing music training and academic support. We believe that children, teens, and young adults, regardless of social and economic need, should have access to quality music and music education as part of their journey to adulthood. We believe that if given the tools, including the power of music, program participants will become young adults of a well-rounded character, and part of the next generation of leaders for our community and our nation. 


Every young musician is prepared for college, career, and lifelong learning.


· Work ethic
· Integrity
· Respect
· Commitment
· Learning
· Caring
· Cultivating Relationships

FAME is a harmony of music and education. We prepare youth for college and career through a four-pronged approach:

  1. Music Instruction – Middle and High school students receive college-level music instruction from college faculty and professional musicians to build the next generation of musicians and increase their confidence and enthusiasm for learning.
  2. Educational Support – Students receive weekly instruction in STEM subjects, while also improving language skills. FAME’s music and educational components meet national standards and help students to excel in school and achieve advanced academic placement.
  3. College Preparation – Students prepare for college education through academic tutoring, study skills development, SAT preparation, identifying college majors and requirements, and learning about the admissions and financial aid processes.
  4. Work Readiness – Students develop technical skills for music industry-related occupations as well as soft skills such as organization, time management, goal setting, and networking necessary for employment in any industry.

FAME challenges students to set high expectations for their academic and life achievements by expanding students experiences to demonstrate that they are not defined by their current conditions or surroundings.




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