Harris’ Heroes: FAME We want to change lives through music


As some school systems cut music programs, a special Prince George’s County program is helping students succeed through music.

For seven years, the Foundation for the Advancement of Music and Education has helped high school students develop their musical talent.

Lillie Tinsley, 20, is currently a junior at Berklee College of Music in Boston. But she got her start in the FAME program in Prince George’s County.

“FAME is about chance. It’s about giving a lot of children a chance who didn’t think they’d make it, especially in the music field,” Tinsley says.

Every Thursday after school at Central High, FAME students meet for “Music is Central.”

They receive one-on-one and group training from teachers who are all professionally trained musicians.

Founder Toni Lewis hopes all FAME students broaden their music tastes and abilities.

“We want to change lives through music and education because we use the two together,” he says. Read more


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