FAME Selected by Venture Philanthropy Partners for New Strategic Initiative to Enhance Capacity of Youth-Serving Nonprofits in Prince George’s County

Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) selected FAME-Foundation for the Advancement of Music & Education, Inc. as one of four nonprofits in Prince George’s County to participate in VPP’s new Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative. VPP is a philanthropic investment organization that builds strong nonprofits and strategic networks that measurably improve the lives of children and youth throughout the Greater Washington, DC area.  Ready for Work is a six-year, $15 million investment to help young people in Prince George’s County successfully transition to adulthood career and college ready. The Nonprofit Capacity Building initiative seeks to strengthen nonprofits to better serve youth across the County. The Prince George’s County Council believes in the power of nonprofits to serve the community and is generously contributing $250,000 in financial support for this initiative.

FAME was selected through a competitive process that sought to identify multi-service nonprofits that support a broad range of positive outcomes for children and youth. This includes a focus on providing high school students with the skills, tools and support that they need to succeed in high school and prepare for a post-secondary education and careers after graduation. A key goal of Ready for Work is to build networks of community-based organizations that can provide integrated supports for students. The Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative will strengthen the capacity of these nonprofits to provide more students in the County with high-quality services. In addition to FAME, the following nonprofits were selected to participate in this initiative: First Generation College Bound, Joe’s Movement Emporium, End Time Harvest Ministries.

VPP selected Fair Chance, an experienced provider of nonprofit capacity building, to co-manage the initiative and to work with the nonprofits to improve organizational outcomes in Effective leadership, Strategic governance and stewardship, Organizational management practices, Program design, implementation and evaluation, Communications; and Collaboration.


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