FAME Music Technology Summer Camp


For students interested in careers in music composition, recording or production, the FAME Summer Music Technology Camp is a dream come true.

Launched in 2011, The Foundation for the Advancement of Music & Education (FAME) Summer Music Technology Camp gives Prince George’s County students in grades 8 through 12 the opportunity to:

  • Explore cutting edge recording software, including Pro Tools, Sibelius and Garage Band.
  • Experiment with music composition.
  • Learn about and prepare for education and career opportunities in music.

In a small class size of 17, students become immersed in a comprehensive, modern, technology-rich, creativity-based learning environment, which is not typically accessible during the regular school year. The training the students receive transcends beyond occupations, helping them gain skills for advanced placement in schools and employment in technology, as well as inspiring them to achieve.

FAME Music Technology Summer Camp offers two, two-week sessions during July. Read More


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