Enjoy a unique summer music program with a community of other young musicians

FAME is conducting two summer music technology programs: Summer Music Technology at the University of Maryland School of Music; and Beats Books & Hooks at Bowie State University, Department of Fine & Performing Arts. The programs are designed to prepare rising 8th through 12th graders for successful futures by fostering the development of proficiency in computer technology, increased proficiency in music, including voice lessons, critical thinking skills, and academic enrichment. The program is delivered in state of the art classrooms and recording studios. Participants learn the basics of music production software and hardware found in professional recording studios around the world. They will compose music using various digital audio workstations, and gain understanding of the basics of audio recording and manipulating digital audio. Industry standard software such as ProTools, Digital Performer, Reason, Sibelius and Garage Band will be utilized.

Students will produce finished CD and MP3 files to share digitally and publish online. They will learn how to properly use social media and other online tools to market their music. Each student’s performance will be assessed daily and feedback provided to student and parents. The small class size allows students ample one on one time to address individual needs and caters to students’ interests and specializations. Each day includes training on specific software, hardware, and skills, as well as open composition time, in which students put their new knowledge to use via creative projects.
Additionally, students receive information on building a college portfolio, study skills, team building and written and verbal skills. The training transcends beyond occupations, helping them gain skills for advanced placement in schools and employment, as well as inspiring them to achieve.

Each session includes discussion with some of the area’s top music studio engineers, executives or recording artists on career and employment opportunities in music and music technology, and basic legal aspects of the industry.

The program culminates with a showcase of the students’ creative projects, and they receive a certificate of completion.



Applications for summer programs open on January 15th, 2015



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